Tuesday, August 3, 2010

They're ready!!

Preemie blankets galore! We've finally got them all collected and ready to go.

My girls helped me to roll each blanket and attached hat and tie a coordinating ribbon around them. We slipped a small typed note from us as well.

Our goal was a total of 35 blankets and we ended up with 45! ...19 boy blankets and 26 girl blankets.

I separated them for easy distribution. So above are the boy blankets.

I also pulled out a few with particularly small hats to give to the particularly small babies.

Here are the girls blankets.

And the girl blankets with the tiniest hats.

Look at this precious bonnet for a micro-preemie. The bonnet is only about 2 inches high.

They're all ready to go!


Sandy said...

Beautiful. Where are your darling blankets and hats going? Clever way to wrap them up, adds to the charm.

saw your note you wanted to enter the contest which is cool; but need you to take a look at the requirements. If I missed where you did, sing out so I can get you counted.

Marcy said...

yay! so happy we got to participate!