Saturday, August 28, 2010

Organization is Beautiful!

So, I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to shoes. Depending on the season, I will generally choose 2, maybe 3 pair to rotate through. They are almost completely worn though by the end of the season and then I buy a new pair.

However, I had a significant amount of shelf space dedicated to just my shoes in my walk-in closet...a sincere waste of space if I've ever seen one.

I'm mean, seriously... I only need space for about 3 pairs of shoes. The rest can totally be packed away until I need them again. I could find a much better use for FIVE I did.

Isn't it just beautiful?!

Before my stash was all packed away in bags, and I had to rummage through each one to find yarn for a new project.

Along the top shelf, I have sorted tubs crochet hooks and supplies, thread yarn, cotton yarn, and specialty yarn.

The shelves are, of course, sorted by color. It is so pleasing to the eye that I just want to stand in my closet and look at it. I know, it's a little insane.


Marie said...

Love it!! :) I just did the same into three clear plastic is indeed a beautiful sight!! Enjoy!!

LJanelle said...

love it! I actually use two fabric shoe holders that hang from the bar in my closet~ it looks very similar! :D

Verdi Mathis said...

I love it, but I'm jealous of your closet space! I have all my yarn in bins and I have to sort through all of them to find the colors I want to use for my projects.