Tuesday, August 10, 2010

State Fair and A Baby Shower

It was almost one year ago that Chad and I rounded up the kids, picked up my dad and stepmom and headed to the state fair. In order to get discounted tickets, and just for the fun of it I had submitted a couple of photographs I had taken and so had my stepmom. We were all excited to see them displayed and I was especially excited to visit the crochet exhibit. I wanted to get a good look at it, because I knew I wanted to make some entries this year.

However, things didn't go quite as planned.

Our little Baby L was due in just three short weeks and I had been having some contractions here and there all morning. That was not at all unusual for me. Nevertheless by the time we walked around the fair, I was beginning to feel quite uncomfortable. Chad and my parents wanted to visit some other booths while I looked at the crochet. But by the time I got to it, I could barely walk. I found a bench and prayed that Chad would get back to me soon. An eternity later (ie about 20 minutes) he did and we left and went straight to the hospital. That was just the beginning, as I was admitted and in labor for about 30 more hours before Levi was born!

Thankfully, this year I expect my visit to the crochet exhibit at our state fair to be less painful.

And I'm even going to enter a couple things...despite not getting a close observation of the competition last year.

I just finished these cute little cowboy booties which I'll be entering into the baby booties division...

They are made from 100% wool and the white is alpaca.

E3 has told me that he would like a pair of these as well and with the most serious expression said, "without a snake inside". That's a Toy Story reference..you know, "There's a snake in my boot!"
I'm also entering this baby dress I made for my friend when she had her little one. And finally, I'm working on a baby blanket to enter. That's all I'll have time for as the deadline is this weekend.

...Speaking of baby blankets, I just went to another friend's baby shower this weekend. I gave her a baby blanket and hat for our sweet little one. He's due right around the fair time as well...maybe I should warn her.


2010 Campaign: Get the Barbour's to India said...

Shanna, thus is amazing work! You are so awesome!

Jenn said...

Has it been a year?!?? Wow!

These are absolutely adorable! I've never seen anything like those cowboy boots - very creative! I love them!