Friday, July 23, 2010

Two blankets and a Pitiful attempt at Amigurami

I'm singing praises that we have finally collected enough blankets for the NICU service project. I'll be wrapping them up and getting them to the NICU in just a couple of weeks.

Here are the last two blankets I made:

And here is my pitiful attempts at amigurami.... First, I tried to make a quick frog for a birthday gift. It didn't turn out the way I wanted at all, but Baby L loves chewing on it. G9 watched as I searched online for amigurami patterns and begged me to make the bom-bomb from Mario. After I finished it, E3 wanted a blue bom-bomb and E6 wanted a Mario star (not pictured).

I think I'll stick with baby blankets.

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Marie said...

I LOVE both blankets!! But especially the star shaped ripple...that is gorgeous!! Of course, now I'd like the link to the pattern!! :)
This has been a great project...I've started on the next one. Thanks for coordinating this, it has been fun. We pray the Lord uses the blankets to bless each of these families, and draw them to Him during such a difficult time. God Bless!!