Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Heart Crochet!

I was about 9 years old when I first learned to crochet. My mom worked and my aunt would watch me during the summer months. She showed me how to crochet and helped me to make a pair of slippers for my mom for Christmas. For years I would often pick up my crochet hooks and work up a small project here and there, but here recently I just haven't been able to put them down.

It all started a few months ago while I was still pregnant with Baby L. I started working on this ripples baby afghan. Instead of starting the project and never finishing it, like SO many others I had started before, I actually finished this one. I found that I really enjoyed working on it late at night after the kids went to bed. It actually relaxed my mind and was productive at the same time.

Then I picked up one of those free patterns in the yarn aisle for a tote bag. I used the pattern, lengthened the straps a bit, and sewed a cloth liner inside. I'm loving my new purse!

Then, a friend in our bible study asked us to pray for her sister who had a baby in the NICU. I found a free preemie afghan pattern online and worked this up.

One day while my husband was home I decided to take a day trip all by myself to a local fine yarn shop that I driven past. It was quite a sight to see...soft, luxurious yarns lining the walls. I bought 3 skeins of semi-expensive yarn (about $5 a skein, but super-soft) and a pattern magazine with this adorable dress on the cover. I quickly made it for L1.

I even had enough yarn left over to make a similar dress (size 6 months) and headband for my best friend whose baby was born 3 days before Baby L.

I started working on baby beanies for Baby L while we were in the NICU. I got the pattern here but had to tweak it a bit by adding a couple of rows to make it big enough. I've also changed the pattern up a bit to make the hat to fit a toddler and one in a men's size.

I just finished a small purse to hold my crochet hooks in last week and I'm currently working on a sweater for me. I'm having fun with my new hobby....I certainly didn't need one more thing to occupy my time, but crocheting is a hobby that can easily be done during downtime (while watching tv, riding in the car, sitting in a waiting room). Plus it fills my obsessive-compulsive need to constantly be doing something. It's a win-win!